The Importance of Sharing in a Competitive Society

For the past century or so, the perception of scarcity has slowly been cultivated. Initially, this perception may have been initiated along with the concept of possession. If we think things are scarce and hard to come by, then we feel that we must compete for resources or preserve the integrity of what we already have. Additionally, if we lived in abundance and suddenly decide to “possess” a certain area or terrain because we grew comfortable/attached to it, this could produce scarcity as it disrupts the natural flow of nature or the ecosystem. Building a single house in the middle of a forest may not do much, but over time and once it has been done repetitively, pretty soon there is no forest left or at the very least there is less life where there once was.

Over the past few years (relative to the span of our presence on earth), we have cultivated the perception of natural selection and the survival of the fittest; that in order to survive and thrive, one must compete both biologically and resourcefully. However, as a species we haven’t done much exploration when it comes to the idea of sharing. What if our resources were scarce but we still decided to share them, would we consume less? Would we be more mindful of others?

We do not live in scarcity, we exist as spiritually abundant beings who are choosing to perceive scarcity — both in our dealings with how we treat the environment and the mindset we adopt. The significance behind sharing that which is scarce is that is where we cultivate value in our connection with others and see one of the greater gifts of life — relationships and connection. If we were to have less and still decide to share it, this is an act of selflessness, and if we all (as individuals) choose to act in service for the other, then no one is excluded. Thus, in serving others, we serve ourselves.

The important premise here is not just the environment, but rather the cultivation of a particular awareness with in our consciousness and human psyche. If we were handed every possibility that was, is and ever will be within the palm of our hand, in a competitive state, what would one do with it? We now have everything, so there is nothing to compete for, and yet we have based all of life’s meaning on competition. Do you see the conundrum?

As a people, we have not given the attention to witness life in its purity, and to derive meaning through observing and harmonizing, rather than compartmentalizing and controlling. So if we were suddenly granted this utopian abundance or heaven on earth, we may actually feel empty inside as we have placed all value of our existence upon competing and dominating, rather than sharing and empathizing. The value that sharing builds is the deeper understanding that we are all here for each other, so let’s be that — in fact and in action. So then when true infinite abundance arrives, we have not lost the meaning of life, but amplified it, in light of (perceived) scarcity.



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