Evil Exists Only in the Mind

Evil is Born When We Choose to Evade Our Fears

We often create evil through perception alone. We assign/identify an act or expression of consciousness as evil, when in fact our perception is what is evil. We acknowledge an action as evil, while it otherwise had a clear purpose and intention. Once we understand the intention behind things, most acts that are perceived as evil are instead (potentially) perceived as reasonable responses to circumstances and situations.

The other way evil is created is when we elect to not put in the effort to understand our fears and from where they stem — the root causes for their coming into being. Many phobias are connected to soul experiences rather than to the material world. My fear of falling was tied to a subconscious fear of being extracted from reality — the inability to be energetically grounded. Look up 5-MeO DMT and Salvia trip reports to make some connections to this. Arachnophobia can be associated with the fear of being sneaked up on — essentially stemming from a disassociation and distrust from the objective environment. Some choose to evade the experience of facing their fears by brushing them under the rug — tucking them away into the deepest, darkest depths of the subconscious mind. Leaving things unresolved within the collective unconscious creates turbulence, and a storm of potentiality begins to brew. Chaos theory suggests that the mere flap of a butterfly wing can create typhoons on the opposing side of the world. If one subscribes to this theory (even if just momentarily), what are the possible results/consequences of bottling up our fears?

The most clear example would be not speaking out against injustices. When silence is offered as consent, injustice can spread and further dis-harmonize the space. But this just scratches the surface. The real question to ask is what is the root cause of the injustices? By addressing that, we can identify the problem and begin implementing the solution. Asking the right questions paves the way for compassion and understanding, and will guide us to more heightened states of awareness and intelligence.

Outside of mental perception, evil does not exist. Most of the evil we witness in the world are simply acts (with reasonable intentions at heart) that are misinterpreted as evil. For the intentions are rarely (if ever) the effect of the desire to be evil simply for the sake of being evil. They are more often the result of unregulated fears rather than an actual consequence of evil. The act may be perceived as evil, but the intentions to commit the act are the result of something that is not evil at all. Atrocious acts we witness can be the result of fear or the product of anger or ignorance. These are natural emotions, but if left unchecked may lead to paranoia, rage, or hatred.

We begin to see that actions become the result of unchecked emotions, or mental unrest and disharmony. When we observe even more closely, we begin to understand that it is not the act that is evil, but rather our perception of the act — which in turn is creating the perception of the existence of evil in the world. Our perception of evil animates evil and brings it into existence. If you subscribe to the idea that the outside world is a projection of the inside world, then evil can very quickly (and apparently) become an expression in the objective environment when accepted religiously.

Article on Perception Changing the Physical Reality

What I am essentially suggesting is that evil is not something that “actually exists”, but rather is a thought-form (mental construct) that is parasitic in nature and requires a host in order to be “animated” or brought into being. Evil in actuality is a spiritual tool that allows one to learn and identify their own entropy — actions that waste energy, leading to decay. Actions that result in high entropy can lead to one perceiving evil within the external environment. For evil is most easily understood as a vast distortion from harmony. If one is wasting away their energy constantly then they will have an inclination to be overly-polarized towards negative states of consciousness & expressions of reality.

By articulating this perception, we begin to understand not only how important effective communication is and choosing to see from each others eyes, but also rather than consciously conditioning ourselves to feel that we need to run away from fear, we can choose to abide by positively reinforced perceptions by choosing to learn how evil is brought about and which mental perceptions led to it. For if the intention is not to commit evil but rather to fill a need or desire, is the act actually evil? Or is it only the perception that is evil? The Ancient Egyptian Hermetics perceive the universe to be mental. If we accept this idea then the importance of our perception becomes all the more obvious. For if the universe is actually consciousness, then the act of perceiving “evil” will bring evil into being.

One creates evil in their own mind, which ultimately expresses it into the objective environment. One’s acceptance of evil, creates evil. For all is consciousness. Rather than perceive evil, perceive the oneness of infinity — Love. Whereby infinity is expressed as one unified totality where any expression and potentiality can be. For if infinity is one interconnected thing, then all choices made will serve its own harmony. Perceiving what you want to be brought into being is key to taking the seat of your own power and becoming the master of your own life.

The Black Widow

The Black Widow gets its name from consuming its male suitor after the mating process is complete. One may perceive this and think “wow, that is brutal, the male had to die after mating with the female spider — not worth it!” One may think the male gives a lot (his life) but gains very little as a result. We don’t however, often think in terms of physical bodies belonging to nature and participating in a cycle of energetic flow where all is harmonious. Let’s look at it from a different angle. Yes the male is consumed in the process after the sexual ritual, but now think in terms of energy. The male experiences extreme pain, but gains as much endurance as a result of it. That warrior strength is now transferred through the consciousness of the male into the spiderling offspring. On top of that, the male black widow may have lost its physical vessel, but now its consciousness can be extended and live through all of the children as a result of its awareness being released from a focus that is fixed solely on a localized physical body. A female black widow can lay up to 900 eggs after the mating process. So the male black widow may have given something up (its life), but it further extended its life through the flow of its consciousness into its offspring. If we perceive the oneness of infinity, then all are connected and all gain from the act.

Many do not consider this, but the passion or spark that occurs during a mating ritual (between any beings) ignites the same flame within the offspring. Ultimately what I am painting is a picture of perception for you. To see that even this could have potentially been perceived as a vast distortion from harmony (evil) by some, but when looked at from an alternate perspective it is extremely balanced and even rewarding.

Why Does Evil Exist (When it Does)? What is the Intention (Purpose) for its Emergence?

Evil is a hedge — a protective barrier, keeping one from facing their own shadow. The shadow-self is brought into being as a result of repressed desires, rejected emotions, lust for power, self-judgment or self-hatred. All of the things we perceive as undesirable in ourselves are bundled up and become a part of the shadow. The shadow is given form when we look away from it and continue to disregard its existence rather than acknowledge its being an attempt to understand why we have such desires and urges in the first place.

Evil serves two roles. First, evil functions as a lesser expression of the shadow-self. By lesser expression we mean that evil is created by the shadow, or the perception of evil is brought about by the dark perception evoked by the shadow. The shadow creates evil in order to communicate with us, to get our attention. To inform us of duality and polarity consciousness. To recognize that by shining as a bright radiant light, you cast a shadow — or if you prefer, the shadows are now distinguished as something other as a result of the presence of the light. To develop a wholesome understanding, it is fitting to understand both of these. Secondly, through the expression of evil, we learn that there can be worse things than having to face our own shadow — our own deepest darkest fears. Evil serves as a lesser expression of the shadow self, while simultaneously offering a greater (more challenging) lesson. For one is able to see through the expression of evil, that it can get worse. Through such an experience, one cultivates the willpower to face their own shadow-self — for they have already experienced something far worse.

Image by LonerWolf

Those who choose to face their own shadow are relieved from the bane of evil. Evil is experienced/created as the effect of an unwillingness of one to face their own fears. Evil shelters one’s awareness as a lesser expression of the shadow and yet offers worse circumstances through the (perceived) absence of harmony. The one who perceives the experience of evil is thus conditioned to a greater suffering — guided into obtaining the willpower to face their shadow.



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